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This is the launching point of a comprehensive guide to Business Continuity Planning. The BCP Guide is a set of dozens of web pages designed to help you plot the best way forward in the creation of an appropriate disaster recovery plan / business continuity plan. You can enter this internet resource via two routes:

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BC 000000 Business Continuity - Preparing the Plan

BC 010000 Initiating the BCP Project

BC 020000 Assessing Business Risk and Impact of Potential Emergencies

BC 030000 Preparing for a Possible Emergency

BC 040000 Disaster Recovery Phase

BC 050000 Business Recovery Phase

BC 060000 Testing the Business Recovery Process

BC 070000 Training Staff in the Business Recovery Process

BC 080000 Keeping the Plan Up-to-date





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    This information is derived from the BCPG Business Continuity Plan Template and Guide
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