How to Use the Business Continuity Plan Generator

The Business Continuity Plan Generator comprises two volumes :-


Part I - Business Continuity Planning Guidelines

The information contained within this demonstration site is actually contained within Part I of the BCP-Generator... but set-out as an easy-to-follow MS-Word based procedure.

Each section of Part I hyper-links to the appropriate part of a full disaster recovery and business continuity plan template (Part II). This makes plan creation so much easier and straight forward.

The user can just populate the template as he/she works through the guide.


Part II - Business Continuity Planning Template

Part II comprises a quality and fully comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan template.

It can be populated either as described above by using the guide, or alternatively via direct edit through MS-Word or similar.

Either method will lead to the same result.. a top quality plan, designed to work when most needed.  


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This information is derived from the BCP Generator
A Disaster Recovery Plan Template and Guide
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