BC 000000 Business Continuity - Preparing the Plan

Every business can experience a serious incident that can prevent it from continuing normal business operations, and this can happen at any time. This can range from a flood or explosion to a serious computer malfunction or information security incident. The Board of Directors and Management have a responsibility to recover from such incidents in the minimum amount of time possible.

This requires careful preparation and planning. A Project Manager is normally appointed to lead the team responsible for developing and maintaining the organisation's Business Continuity Plan (BCP). This Manual contains essential guidance in how to prepare the plan.

It is necessary to control carefully the development of the plan and related strategies and procedures for the business recovery process. Click on the hyperlink to access a BCP Process Control Summary for the overall project. A similar BCP Process Control summary is included at the start of each chapter and section.

The BCP Plan can be prepared simply by completing the attached planning templates and following the guidance contained in this document. This will enable organisations to save significant amounts of time and expense when developing a Business Continuity Plan.


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This information is derived from the BCP Generator: A Disaster Recovery Template and Guide
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