BC 010101 Review of Existing BCP (if available)

If the organisation already has an existing Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for part or all of its business activities, this BCP needs to be thoroughly reviewed. The purpose of this review is to determine whether the existing BCP can effectively meet the organisation's projected business needs. The date when the existing plan was originally prepared should be noted, together with the date when it was last updated.

The BCP should have a recognisable structure including a detailed section on incident and risk assessment covering all the organisation's key business activities. The BCP should cover and document strategy for recovery of the organisation's full range of business processes including IT systems, communications, business information, production, sales, accounts, customer service levels and public relations etc., etc. There should be a section on dealing with the Disaster Recovery Phase with instructions to the Disaster Recovery Team. The BCP should document the required process for handover from the Disaster Recovery Team to the Business Recovery Team in order to commence the business recovery activities. This section should contain detailed instructions during the business recovery process for assessment and prioritisation, recovery activities, notification and reporting, and project organisation.

Once the existing BCP, if one exists, has been reviewed and an assessment made of the adequacy of this plan against the contents of this plan, the existing BCP can then be updated and enhanced in accordance with the structure and suggested contents within the RUSecure™ BCP process. The BCP must also include testing the Plan, training the staff and keeping the Plan up to date.

The RUSecure™ Business Continuity Plan Generator will not only help you prepare the plan, it will also provide an effective yardstick by which to measure the adequacy of any existing BCP and to support any required enhancements to that plan.

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