BC 010104 Preliminary BCP Project Budget

When preparing to initiate a project to develop a BCP it is necessary to provide an estimate of the projected costs for resourcing such a project. This financial data would relate, during the initiation phase, principally to the projected costs for resourcing the BCP project itself. Further budgets and related financial analysis of the cost of funding the adoption of various recovery strategies will be necessary as the project develops.

Costs to be considered in the preliminary budget covering the costs of commencing the BCP Project, could include the following:

  1. Manpower cost of the BCP Project Management
  2. Cross-charging (if applicable) of cost of persons seconded to the BCP Team
  3. BCP Planning Tools, Templates and Reference Materials
  4. Additional equipment e.g. PCs, printers, laptops, mobiles, software etc. for the BCP Planning Team

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