BC 010200 Project Organisation

There are a number of essential tasks common to the establishment of any significant project. These include assembling the Project Team and appointing a Project Manager and Deputy Project Manager. Other issues include documenting the project milestones, objectives and deliverables. These activities are supportive to the Project Initiation Activities covered in Section 010100 above.

Contents of Section BC 010200

BC 010201 Terms of Reference for BCP Project Manager

BC 010202 Appoint BCP Project Manager and Deputy

BC 010203 Select and Notify BCP Project Team

BC 010204 Initial BCP Project Meeting

BC 010205 Project Objectives and Deliverables

BC 010206 Project Milestones

BC 010207 Project Reporting Requirements and Frequency

BC 010208 Required Documents and Information

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At each Chapter and Section level, the Plan contains a Process Control Summary to be used to ensure that each section of the plan has been completed and reviewed. The Process Control Summary should contain the activity start date, and also a date reflecting each time that chapter, section or topic was updated.

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