BC 010202 Appoint BCP Project Manager and Deputy

For a project of this significance and complexity level to be successful, a suitably qualified Project Manager will need to be appointed. The position may be a new full-time position for larger organisations or possibly an additional part-time function for a manager in many smaller corporations.

The BCP Project Manager should possess good leadership qualities, a good understanding of business processes and business management, good experience of IT and Information Security management, and strong project management capabilities. If the organisation has an Information Security Officer, this person may possibly be an ideal candidate for this role.

A suitable deputy should also be appointed who would be able to take over the BCP management, as necessary, in the absence of the BCP Project Manager, and who would also provide support and back-up in the execution of the necessary duties and functions.

The BCP should contain brief details of the CVs of the Project Manager and Deputy Project Manager, also their emergency contact details.

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