BC 010205 Project Objectives and Deliverables

The objectives for the project need to be clearly defined, together with the deliverables. This will enable the BCP Project Team to focus their efforts on the most important issues and to ensure that the work undertaken by the BCP Team is relevant in the context of the original project expectations. The objectives and deliverables would normally be approved by the organisation's Board of Directors or Governing Body.

Suggested Wording for a Suitable Objective

The project's principle objective could be stated as: "The development and testing of a well structured and coherent plan which will enable the organisation to recover as quickly and effectively as possible from an unforeseen disaster or emergency which interrupts normal business operations."

The organisation could additionally have a series of sub-objectives which could cover issues such as specialised research and development activities, the need to ensure that all employees fully understand their duties in implementing such a plan, the need to ensure that information security policies are adhered to within all planned activities or the need to ensure that the proposed contingency arrangements are cost effective.

Suggested Wording for a Suitable List of Deliverables

The deliverables, in outline, should consist of:

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