BC 020000 Assessing Business Risk and Impact of Potential Emergencies

A key part of the BCP Process is the assessment of the potential risks to the business which could result from disasters or emergency situations. It is necessary to consider all the possible incidents and the impact each may have on the organisation's ability to continue to deliver its normal business services. This section of the BCP will examine the possibility of serious situations disrupting the business operations and the potential impact of such events.

Contents of Chapter 02

BC 020100 Emergency Incident Assessment

BC 020200 Business Risk Assessment

BC 020300 IT and Communications

BC 020400 Other Existing Disaster Recovery Procedures

BC 020500 Premises Issues

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At each Chapter and Section level, the Plan contains a Process Control Summary to be used to ensure that each section of the plan has been completed and reviewed. The Process Control Summary should contain the activity start date, and also a date reflecting each time that chapter, section or topic was updated.

The Process Control Summary for Chapter 020000 Assessing Risk and Impact of Potential Emergencies may be accessed by clicking here.


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