BC 020203 Financial and Operational Impact

For each individual key business process it is necessary to make an assessment of the financial and operational impact of disruption to normal business operations. For each business process, complete a matrix analysis similar to the one below, ticking each box where a "significant impact" is likely.




2-24 HOURS

24 - 48 HOURS

2-5 DAYS

> 5 DAYS







Impact on Customer Services






Loss of Customers






Loss of Revenue






Potential Additional Costs of Recovery






Exposure to Penalty Clauses






Exposure to Possible Litigation






Loss of Key Information






Negative Financial Impact







For each of the time-bands the financial impact should also be quantified. This should be assessed based on anticipated lost revenue plus projected costs of recovery.

The definition of "significant impact" may differ depending upon the requirements of each organisation but should represent a level where customers will notice the outage and may receive an inadequate level of service response.

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