BC 020305 Existing IT Recovery Procedures

A summary of the existing IT back-up and recovery procedures should be documented within the BCP. This information should cover both hardware and software systems in addition to data back-up and recovery processes. Information should also be included on any off-site data storage arrangements.

An example for a small organisation may be stated as follows:

"A daily back-up of all data is taken to tape and stored in the safe. On a weekly basis, one tape containing a copy of all the data is stored at an off-site location. The system administrator reviews the system logs daily to ensure that the back-up process has executed successfully. Periodically the recovery process is tested to ensure that the recovery procedures are operational and valid.

A copy of all the original system programs is stored on site in the IT library and a further copy is stored off site. A back-up copy of the system programs is made on a monthly basis to ensure that all relevant software patches would be included in the recovery processes. This monthly back-up copy is also periodically tested to ensure that the recovery process is valid.

The organisation has an IT network and hardware maintenance agreement with JKL Inc. who are required to respond to call-out requests within four hours. The agreement includes escalation procedures when the fault has not been fixed within 6 hours".

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