BC 030106 Information and Documentation Back-up and Recovery Strategy

Recovery and back-up strategies need to be determined for critical information and documentation. Many business processes today are totally dependent upon the availability of digitised information in order to function. It is necessary to identify these dependencies and develop workable strategies for continuing a satisfactory measure of business operations even though the disruption may make access to all such information extremely difficult or, in some cases, even impossible.

This section of the Plan will contain a list of the main information, data and documentation used by the organisation in carrying out its normal business processes. It should identify the potential disruption to the availability of this information and the resultant impact on continuing a satisfactory level of business operations. Consider carefully here the cross-relationship between information and data and the availability of the information system where such data or information may be held or processed.

Assess the adequacy of existing back-up arrangements and alternative methods for accessing such data or information.

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