BC 030204 Key Suppliers and Vendors and Emergency Contact Information

Depending upon the nature of the disaster, it is feasible that suppliers of critical goods or services may also be affected. This can affect your own back-up and recovery arrangements where your organisation is dependent upon a particular supplier for that recovery process to be achieved successfully. It is important therefore that your own key suppliers also have an effective BCP for dealing with emergencies. You should request information from your suppliers to ensure that they have this.

This section of the BCP should include a list of key suppliers, the critical goods and/or services they are supplying, their normal contact information, and their emergency contact information. Consideration should also be given to a further list of suppliers who would be able to provide critical goods and services in the event of failure to deliver from one of your identified key suppliers.

Do not forget to include here suppliers of services needed only in an emergency, such as glaziers and civil engineers, and also include the firms who provide maintenance support services for equipment and systems.

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