BC 030205 Manpower Recovery Strategy

A key component in any BCP is the development of a manpower recovery strategy. This is an area where it is critical for a workable plan to be in place which takes into account the needs of the business and the needs of the staff and their families (where affected). This aspect must be handled with sensitivity.

An up-to-date staff list must be available as part of the BCP. This must include normal and emergency contact details for all employees. At the initial stage in the disaster recovery management process, there must be a procedure for accounting for the safety of all members of staff.

If the disaster happens outside of normal working hours the staff should be contacted to inform them of the event and to issue instructions to each staff member on how to keep in touch with events during the recovery process. Options here may include pre-recorded messages left on a special telephone number.

For disasters which affect a whole city or area, family circumstances may dictate the need for employees to deal with home problems before being available to deal with work related issues. It may be necessary to consider succession trees for key staff in case one or more key persons are unavailable.

It is also necessary to identify key personnel who are needed to manage or participate in the actual recovery operation. This is dealt with in topic BC 030203.

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