BC 030206 Establishing the Disaster Recovery Team

It will be necessary to establish a Disaster Recovery Team to handle the initial emergency situation.

The Disaster Recovery Team should be made up of a group of specialists who have previously been nominated as being able to assist in dealing with the initial emergency. These will not necessarily be the same persons who are members of the Business Recovery Team. During the initial emergency the following personnel may need to be involved depending upon the circumstances:

The Disaster Recovery Team (DRT) is responsible for working with the emergency services to clear the initial emergency crisis situation in order that the Business Recovery Team are able to start their activities. The DRT itself, will only be able to start their own recovery activities once the emergency services have given permission for these duties to commence. During the initial emergency, the DRT will normally make themselves available to provide assistance to the emergency services, as appropriate.

The configuration of the DR Team will depend upon the type and severity level of the emergency.

Nominated members from the DRT should be 'on-call' at all times and should ensure that their contact details are known to the emergency services.

All members of the Disaster Recovery Team should maintain an up-to-date copy of the BCP in a secure location off-site. Each member of the Disaster Recovery Team should also be issued with special equipment such as torches, hard hats, gloves, overalls, hand held dictaphones and mobile phones to use in such emergencies.

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