BC 030300 Key Documents and Procedures

All organisations have documents, records and procedures which are considered vital parts of their operation. This could include strategic plans, design patents, research and development records, deeds and other official documents, insurance certificates and policies and secret recipes etc.

This section will include a list of all such vital documentation, together with information on their location (where appropriate).

Contents of Section BC 030300

BC 030301 Documents and Records Vital to the Business Process

BC 030302 Off-site Storage Requirements

BC 030303 Emergency Stationery and Office Supplies

BC 030304 Media Handling Procedures

BC 030305 Emergency Authorisation Procedures

BC 030306 Prepare Budget for Back-up and Recovery Phase

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At each Chapter and Section level, the Plan contains a Process Control Summary to be used to ensure that each section of the plan has been completed and reviewed. The Process Control Summary should contain the activity start date, and also a date reflecting each time that chapter, section or topic was updated.

The Process Control Summary for Section BC 030300 Key Documents and Procedures may be accessed by clicking here.


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