BC 030303 Emergency Stationery and Office Supplies

It is necessary to prepare for emergencies where the organisation's stationery and office supplies may have been destroyed or are unobtainable through the usual sources. Such an occurrence could, for example, be caused through fire or flood damage.

The organisation should decide on a suitable strategy to deal with this situation, which could include holding an emergency stock of stationery or office supplies in an off-site location. Alternatively, the BCP could include a list of emergency stationery and office supplies which could be ordered on a next day delivery basis. Details of alternative suppliers should also be included, in the event that your normal supplier is also affected by an emergency.

This section of the BCP should include information on the stationery and office supplies held off-site, together with a list of stationery which could be ordered in an emergency at short notice. It should also list alternative suppliers.

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