BC 040102 Involvement of Emergency Services

It is likely that there will be an involvement of the public emergency services in many disaster recovery situations where there is danger to human life or serious damage to property and assets. The emergency services will initially deal with the actual emergency event such as an accidental spillage of toxic material, a fire or a flood. The emergency services will concentrate their efforts on rescuing any persons trapped within buildings or vehicles and also in minimising the impact of the emergency event on premises and assets wherever possible. The protection of human life and the treatment of any wounded persons will be afforded the highest level of priority. The emergency services will need to liaise with responsible individuals from the organisation who can provide information that they may require.

The emergency services have specialists who can provide advice on how to prepare for the outcome of such situations and how to minimise the likelihood of their occurrence. Once the emergency situation is brought under control, the emergency services will hand over the situation to the responsible officials representing the organisation. This will normally be the Disaster Recovery Team.

In certain circumstances, other specialist emergency services may be required. These emergency services could include bomb disposal specialist, hazardous waste clearing and terrorist negotiation specialists.

This section of the BCP should contain contact numbers of specialists within the emergency services who can provide advice in minimising certain types of incidents. Also included will be the names of the persons who should provide on the ground assistance to the emergency services teams.

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