BC 040104 Project Management Activities

It is necessary for the management of the disaster recovery phase to be properly structured and controlled. Where practical, this phase should be organised in accordance with best project management practices. The recovery process is likely to require a significant level of co-ordination utilising diverse resources including the use of public emergency services. During the handling of the disaster recovery process all events should be planned and recorded. The planning part of the process is dealt with here. The recording process is dealt with in the Event Log (see topic 040205).

This section of the BCP should establish a suggested format to be used for planning the recovery process. Information should include:

The plan should also include a critical path for the recovery process. The plan will need to be updated regularly during the Disaster Recovery Process and this is an important part of the DRT Leader's duties.

A critical path, in its simplest form, is the shortest time in which a particular group of tasks may be accomplished. Each task on the critical path must be completed on schedule if the entire project or group of tasks is to be finished on schedule.

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