BC 040201 Mobilising the Disaster Recovery Team

One of the tasks during the early stages of the emergency is to notify the Disaster Recovery Team (DRT) that an emergency has occurred. This notification would normally be in a pre-agreed format. The notification will normally request the members of the DRT to assemble at the site of the problem and will involve sufficient information to enable this request to be effectively communicated.

The BCP Team Leader or Deputy should initially be alerted and that person will be responsible for notifying the rest of the DRT who are required to attend the site of the emergency. A succession of alternates should be provided in case the Leader or deputy are unavailable or incapacitated.

This section of the BCP should contain a list of persons to contact, contact information, time and date of contact, who made the contact, messages left with, instructions issued, response and subsequent time of arrival on site.

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