BC 040202 Notification to Management and Key Employees

During the Disaster Recovery phase, the management and key employees should be kept informed of key developments affecting the business process overall and in particular the impact on their own areas of responsibility. If, for example, the emergency affects the main buildings in which the business is conducted and the emergency has occurred outside normal business hours, it may be necessary to instruct the employees to remain at home until further instructions can be issued. Key employees and certain members of management may, on the other hand, be needed to attend the emergency site or the Command Centre at an early stage in the process to consider how to minimise the impact of the emergency on their areas of responsibility. The BCP Team Leader or Deputy or nominated alternate is responsible for undertaking this notification activity.

This section of the BCP should contain a list of management and key employees who should be contacted in an emergency situation. It should contain the persons name, normal and emergency contact information and a brief description regarding the area of responsibility.

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