BC 040203 Handling Personnel Families Notification

If the emergency event has resulted in a situation which would cause concern to an employee's immediate family such as hospitalisation of injured persons, it will be necessary to notify their immediate family members urgently.

This type of communication needs to be handled with sensitivity and care in order not to increase the level of distress to the persons being notified. This type of work would normally be handled by a trained manager within HRM Division or another member of senior management. The need to deal sensitively with employee situations is one of the reasons why it may be beneficial to include the Head of Personnel in the Disaster Recovery Team.

This section of the BCP will contain the names and emergency contact details of the persons nominated to undertake this particular type of notification. In the event of serious injury or even death of an employee, it would be beneficial if the person notifying had access to counselling service contact numbers in order to be able to offer this type of support and advice.

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