BC 050101 Mobilising the Business Recovery Team

Immediately following an emergency which seriously affects one or more of the organisation's normal business processes, the Business Recovery Team (BRT) are to be notified. If there is the need for a Disaster Recovery Phase then initially the BRT are likely to be put on standby. If there is no Disaster Recovery Phase or the Disaster Recovery Phase is nearing completion, the BRT will be asked to assemble at the Emergency Command Centre set up to control and manage both the emergency and the recovery process.

This section of the BCP contains a procedure for mobilising the BRT and an appropriate standard wording for notification. It may also contain the process for alerting the members of the BRT moving them from 'standby status' to 'mobilisation status'.

It may be considered appropriate to include a suitable 3 stage alert status procedure i.e.

Status - Yellow : Place Disaster Recovery Team on standby alert

Status - Orange : Place Disaster Recovery Team on alert

Status - Red : Mobilise Disaster Recovery Team

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