BC 050102 Assessing Extent of Damage and Business Impact

Once the Business Recovery Team (BRT) is mobilised, the first task is the assessment of the extent of the damage and impact on the business process. This activity must be focused on the business impact as opposed to the damage assessment carried out by the Disaster Recovery Team which is mainly focused on the impact on people and the physical infrastructure.

The affect of the disaster will be reviewed by examining each area of the business that has been affected and assessing the impact on the various key business processes identified in topic BC020201 above.

This section of the BCP should contain a list of the areas of the business affected by the disaster and the actual business processes affected. Cross dependencies of affected processes to other processes should be listed. For each affected business process there should be a preliminary estimate of the recovery time involved with restoring normal operations.

A damage assessment form for use by the BRT is included in the BCP.

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