BC 050103 Preparing Specific Recovery Plan

Following on from the business impact assessment phase a Recovery Plan needs to be prepared. As this will be prepared once the disruptive event has occurred, this is likely to initially be an outline plan only as the most important requirement will be to mobilise the resources towards recovery as fast as possible. Nevertheless, in order to be effective, the process must be carefully planned and structured and the Business Recovery Team header must be adept at planning, organisation and decision making under extreme conditions.

The Recovery Plan will identify those areas which need to be addressed immediately and will establish a prioritised sequence for the recovery process to proceed. Activities will, wherever possible, be carried out simultaneously but the critical path must be identified to ensure that those activities directly on the critical path receive the highest priority.

The Recovery Plan will list the activities which need to be carried out in priority sequence and which persons or teams are responsible for completing those tasks. Where suppliers and vendors are required to supply goods or services as part of the recovery process then these activities will be involved also.

The Recovery Plan will activate the recovery process and will activate the various people or taskforces involved.

The Business Recovery Team are to be fully briefed on the extent of the recovery operation and the activities they are expected to carry out. The impact of each of their tasks on the Critical Path must also be communicated.

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