BC 050105 Keeping Everyone Informed

During the Business Recovery Phase it is extremely important that all affected persons and organisations are kept properly and fully informed. This could include the following groups :

Board of Directors

Management and Staff


Appropriate Authorities or industry regulatory bodies

Insurance broker/loss adjustors

Suppliers and vendors

Contracted staff

Joint venture partners

A particularly important area to be considered is in notifying customers about the impact on deliveries of products or services. At an early stage in the business recovery process a list of customers who may be affected by the outage or damage should be compiled. An estimate should be made of the delays to goods, deliveries or services and each customer notified accordingly. Whenever possible, efforts should be made to identify alternative methods of supplying the goods and services where the delays are likely to be critical, particularly to important clients. Affected customers should be kept informed, as appropriate, as the recovery process progresses.

A further area requiring special attention is the media. Depending upon the prominence of the organisation and the scale of the emergency the level of interest from the media will vary. Only persons authorised to release information to the media will be permitted to do so. The information given to all parties must be accurate and timely. Estimates of the timing of normal working operations should be announced with care.

This section of the BCP should list the groups of persons or organisations who could be affected by disruption to normal business operations. It will also contain the names, positions and contact numbers of the persons nominated to coordinate the communication to each group.

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