BC 050106 Handing Business Operations Back to Regular Management

Once normal business operations have been restored it will be necessary to hand the responsibility for specific operations back to the regular management process. This process should be formalised in order to ensure that all parties understand the change in overall responsibility. It is likely that during the recovery process, overall responsibility may have been assigned to the Business Recovery Process Leader. Inevitably, the regular management will be fully involved throughout, but in order for the recovery process to be fully effective, overall responsibility during the recovery period should probably be with the Business Recovery Process Team. On the other hand, it is possible that some organisations may prefer that regular management remain overall responsible for a particular business process throughout the Business Recovery Process. Where this approach is preferred, it is recommended that the Chief Executive Officer (or another member of top management) undertakes the leadership role for this period.

This section of the BCP contains a proposed handover form to be completed and signed by the Business Recovery Team Leader (BRT) and the regular manager responsible for each process. A separate form is to be used for each business process.

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