BC 060000 Testing the Business Recovery Process

An untested plan can often be more hindrance than having no plan at all. The ability of the BCP to be effective in emergency situations can only be assessed if rigorous testing is carried out in realistic conditions. The BCP testing phase contains important verification activities which should enable the plan to stand up to most disrupted events.

The BCP should be tested within a realistic environment which means simulating conditions which would be applicable in an actual emergency. It is also important that the tests should be carried out by the persons who would be responsible for those activities in a crisis.

Contents of Chapter 06

BC 060100 Planning the Tests

BC 060200 Conducting the Tests

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At each Chapter and Section level, the Plan contains a Process Control Summary to be used to ensure that each section of the plan has been completed and reviewed. The Process Control Summary should contain the activity start date, and also a date reflecting each time that chapter, section or topic was updated.

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