BC 060100 Planning the Tests

The BCP testing phase has to be carefully planned owing to the unique nature of the BCP process. It will only be activated in extreme circumstances and the testing should be conducted in a realistic environment.

This section of the BCP covers establishing the objectives and scope of the tests and enables the testing phase to be properly structured and organised.

Contents of Section BC060100

BC 060101 Develop Objectives and Scope of Tests

BC 060102 Setting the Test Environment

BC 060103 Prepare Test Data

BC 060104 Identify Who is to Conduct the Tests

BC 060105 Identify Who is to Control and Monitor the Tests

BC 060106 Prepare Feedback Questionnaires

BC 060107 Prepare Budget for Testing Phase

BC 060108 Training Core Testing Team for each Business Unit

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At each Chapter and Section level, the Plan contains a Process Control Summary to be used to ensure that each section of the plan has been completed and reviewed. The Process Control Summary should contain the activity start date, and also a date reflecting each time that chapter, section or topic was updated.

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