BC 060102 Setting the Test Environment

One of the greatest challenges in testing the business recovery process is in creating realistic conditions for carrying out the tests.

For example, if the tests are carried out following a simulated fire affecting the main organisation's premises, then all involved in the testing process have to be working within the limitations that the team would expect to experience following an actual fire. These scenarios need to be carefully thought out to create an effective set of conditions which could simulate the actual disruptive event. It is important also that these tests do not disrupt the normal business process in any way and may therefore need to be conducted outside normal business hours, if feasible.

This section of the BCP should contain a list of the conditions to be expected with each potential disruptive emergency. The following are suggestions which could be incorporated. These need to be developed by the organisation preparing the BCP in order to ensure it fits with their own situation and predicted circumstances in a potential disruptive emergency.

Environmental Disasters
Organised and / or deliberate disruption
Loss of Utilities and Services
Equipment or System Failure
Serious Information Security Incidents
Other Emergency Situations


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