Environmental Disasters


Assume a tornado has affected your main office / building and has caused serious damage to the roof and windows. Equipment has been damaged on two floors and water has also entered a third floor.


Assume a hurricane has affected your main offices / building and has wreaked significant havoc including smashing windows and damaging equipment. Assume that rainwater has entered the building through the broken windows and severely affected the computer systems. Do not forget to deal with the staffing issues as well as the business recovery.


Assume your main premises have been affected by flooding and it has affected all systems and equipment located on the ground floor and lower ground floors. None of this equipment or related systems may be used during the tests. Assume also that any cables which pass through the ground floor are also affected and 'out of commission'. Do not forget to check that the evacuation procedures are adequate for these circumstances.


Assume snowfall of more than five inches and winds of 30 mph causing snowdrifts. Assume power and telephones affected. Assume only skeleton staff can get to work due to the conditions. Choose staff who can get through to the workplace by drawing lots. Test out employee notification procedures. Check on local snowploughing services. Cellular phones, flashlights, torches, first aid kits and battery operated radios to be used. Ensure minimum provisions to hand.


Assume that the business has been affected by a drought that has already lasted for over 28 weeks. There is now a serious water shortage affecting companies using water as part of their production processes.


Assume main workplace affected by earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale with the epicentre only two miles away. Significant impact on local services and transportation and some injuries have been caused to some staff who's homes are located in the region. The earthquake has affected electrical power supplies, water and drainage. Telephones could still be operational. Stock survival supplies including water, food, sanitation supplies, first aid materials, gloves, torches and radios.

Electrical storms

Assume electrical storm has affected the premises and the lightning rods were ineffective. The direct hit has knocked out the internal electrical power and amazed at least 50% of the equipment (including IT hardware).


Assume that there has been significant fire and smoke damage affecting over 50% of the companies records and workspace. Assume also, if one is installed, that the automatic sprinkler system was activated, causing further damage. Mark areas and hardcopy information with a 'red cross' if it is to be considered 'out of commission' for the purpose of the tests. Assume 30% of the computer systems are still functional. Use laptops and cellular phones.

Subsidence and Landslides

A serious landslide and related subsidence has affected your main production and warehouse facility. There is believed to be considerable damage to stock and to production equipment. There is no electrical power or telephones operational at the premises.

Freezing Conditions

There have been temperatures between -15( Centigrade and -30( Centigrade for over one month. It has affected your production line as raw materials cannot be shipped-in owing to the adverse weather conditions. It is also affecting your employees' ability to get to work due to related transport problems.

Contamination and Environmental Hazards

A toxic substance has accidentally been released in your main premises and it has caused a serious staff shortage due to staff falling ill. The premises are still affected. How do you clear the site but keep the business running?


Over 50% of your staff have been hit by an influenza epidemic for over six days. Within your simulated scenario, you should draw lots to determine which staff are affected by the epidemic and therefore, which remaining staff are available to conduct the tests.


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