Organised and / or deliberate disruption

Act of terrorism

A group of terrorists have exploded a car bomb outside your main premises. There has been considerable damage to the building and equipment outside. Fortunately, there was no loss of life or injuries as the explosion occurred at 3 a.m.

Act of Sabotage

A disgruntled employee has planted some malicious code in your main systems and this has resulted in a complete shut down of your systems with probable loss of data and damage to data files.

Act of war

Your main supplier of raw materials is in an overseas third world country which has just suffered a serious air strike from a neighbouring country. Your regular supplies are threatened.


Over the weekend, your main office was broken into and a significant amount of computer equipment was removed. This has rendered the office unusable for at least five days.


Your main warehouse has been burnt down through a deliberate fire. The warehouse and contents have been completely destroyed.

Labour Dispute / Industrial Action

This is a difficult test to undertake without aggravating the particular unions involved. Testing how to continue business during a labour dispute would not be well received. It is suggested that any testing of this nature is based on a different disruptive threat where, say, 60% of the staff were affected by a sickness epidemic. This should give similar results.


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