Loss of Utilities and Services

Electrical power failure (blackouts) (brownouts)

Assume electrical power completely affected. Tests to be conducted without access to power unless emergency generators are installed. No heating, air conditioning, lights, PC's, terminals, networks, telephones and faxes may be used. Only pre-printed hardcopy of laptop / battery based equipment usable. Use flashlights / torches and ensure good supply of batteries. Cellular phones may be used. If you have access to another building outside the immediate vicinity which may have power, you should carry out the tests at that second facility.

Loss of gas supply

A gas leak in the local vicinity has forced the Gas Utility Supplier to close down all gas services in the area. This may affect your production unit and the offices where the heating system is gas fired.

Loss of water supply

Contamination has leaked into the local fresh water supply and there is unlikely to be water available for the immediate future.

Petroleum and oil shortage

OPEC has a major internal dispute and this is affecting oil supplies worldwide. This may continue for some time and adequate precautions should be taken. Rationing has already started and the shortage is seriously affecting transportation.

Communications services breakdown

Serious damage to local cables has resulted in the telecommunications not being available today and for the immediate future. Predictions are for the service to be unavailable for seven days. This is affecting e-commerce sites, networks and Internet availability.

Loss of drainage / waste removal

Local flooding has caused serious problems for the local drainage system and debris has created a serious blockage affecting repairs. You are requested not to use the water drainage facilities for the next three days, by which time it may have been cleared.


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