Equipment or System Failure

Internal power failure

It is 10 a.m. Monday morning and there has been damage to the power cables internally and the main computer systems is down. Suggestions are that it will take 24 hours - 36 hours to restore the power.

Air conditioning failure

The central air conditioning plant has failed and needs a special replacement part which will only be available in four days. The outside temperature is 32( Centigrade and staff do not feel that they are able to continue to work in those conditions.

Production Line failure

The production line equipment has failed and production has halted. Initial estimates indicate that it will take 3 days to repair.

Cooling plant failure

The main cooling plant, which is vital to the organisation as it produces frozen food, has failed. Estimates indicate it will take over 24 hours to fix the fault.

Equipment failure (excluding IT hardware)

You have just experienced a major equipment failure for a vital piece of your operations. You are informed that it will take 10 days to repair. You need to continue operations manually.


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