Serious Information Security Incidents

Cyber crime

You have just had a hacker access your system and it has brought down your e-commerce site. Immediate estimates are that it would normally only take some 3 hours to fix but your main specialist engineer who is able to fix it is on holiday overseas for the next 10 days.

Loss of records or data

An accidental erasure of vital records and data on your networked data but has just occurred. It will take over 2 weeks to re-build the database from scratch. All customer contact information is therefore not currently available.

Disclosure of sensitive information

This disruptive threat is best dealt with through training the management and staff in the dangers associated with disclosure of sensitive information and espionage. How to recognise and detect situations quickly and how to build suitable defences. The defences should involve the implementation of suitable Information Security Policies.

IT system failure

Assume the total network has failed. No networks or network terminals should be switched on or used during the tests. Only manual back up processes are to be used. Any computer generated support systems including telephones, air conditioning, entrance alarms, which also use the networks, may not be used.


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