Other Emergency Situations

Workplace violence

It has been confidentially reported that, on the shop floor, there may be some intimidation of new temporary workers by some of the permanent staff. You have recently shed 35% of your permanent workforce due to a general downturn in the industry. The morale has seemed to be low over recent weeks.

Public transportation disruption

There is a region-wide industrial dispute on the railway network which looks as though it will last for some weeks. There are going to be no services from tomorrow and over 85% of your staff rely on the railway services to get to work.

Neighbourhood hazard

A local factory has suffered a chemical explosion and gas, believed to be toxic, has been released into the atmosphere. It is a still, dry day with no breeze and it is thought that the effect of the gas may hang around for some time. The authorities are recommending immediate evacuation but you have a 24 / 7 business and need to man an active telecommunications call centre and interconnected e-commerce facility.

Health and Safety Regulations

The Health and Safety Inspector has just declared that one of your main project sites is not meeting minimum standards and has to be closed down. You are already running behind schedule with that project and this latest close down will potentially involve large penalties to be paid to the client.

Employee morale

Difficult to test this disruptive threat realistically, so concentrate on how to recognise the symptoms of low morale and how to improve the situation on the ground. This disruptive threat is best dealt with in a training classroom environment.

Mergers and acquisitions

Your company has just received a hostile takeover bid from one of your main competitors. Your staff are extremely concerned about losing their jobs and your regular customers also want to know what is going on.

Negative Publicity

Assume that a serious negative report has been made about your company in one of the national newspapers. This is not fully based on fact but some of the substance is unfortunately irrefutable and is believed to have come from a disgruntled employee. An internal dispute has occurred recently and this was not particularly well handled by the manager concerned. Assess the implications and test the necessary procedures to overcome this crisis including issuing a suitable press release and notify staff and customers of the invalid content within the report.

Legal problems

It is difficult to test this disruptive threat out and set up a realistic simulated environment. Effective training on the impact of legal problems on the business can be carried out within a classroom environment which would enable the management to better understand how to mitigate against these threats.

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