BC 070101 Develop Objectives and Scope of Training

The objectives and scope of the BCP training activities are to be clearly stated within the plan.

The BCP should contain a description of the objectives and scope of the training phase. This will enable the training to be consistent and organised in a manner where the results can be measured, and the training fine tuned, as appropriate.

The objectives for the training could be as follows :

"To train all staff in the particular procedures to be followed during the business recovery process".

The scope of the training could be along the following lines :

"The training is to be carried out in a comprehensive and exhaustive manner so that staff become familiar with all aspects of the recovery process. The training will cover all aspects of the Business Recovery activities section of the BCP including IT systems recovery".

Consideration should also be given to the development of a comprehensive corporate awareness programme for communicating the procedures for the business recovery process.

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