The Disaster Recovery Plan Template and Guide

The information in this guide forms part of the Business Continuity Plan Generator: the leading product for the creation of a quality disaster recovery and business continuity plan. The BCP Generator comprises two volumes :-


It is shipped in interactive MS-Word format. In the product, this guide is actually set-out as an easy-to-follow MS-Word based procedure.... each section of which hyper-links to the appropriate part of a full disaster recovery and business continuity plan template (Part II). This makes plan creation so much easier and straight forward. Note that Part II (the template) is NOT available in this online demonstration - the demonstration simply displays the depth and detail contained within the full product.

Note also that for those in a hurry, the BCP Generator template can be completed directly, without using the guide. Whichever route you take, however, the net result will be a high quality plan to meet the business continuity and contingency planning needs of your organization.


Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning Made Easy

No matter what sort of business you run: a small to medium company; a manufacturing corporation; a government organization; a large financial or commercial organization... the BCP Generator is for you. Created by a team of experienced and leading continuity experts, the BCP Generator allows you to develop a comprehensive plan quickly and easily, no matter what level of experience you already have. For further information about the Business Continuity Plan Generator, visit The Disaster Recovery Shop



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This information is derived from the BCP Generator:
The Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan Template
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