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Security Online Support (SOS)
brings your security policies to life!

The most direct method of delivering information security policies (standards) is via the computer desktop. This carries many benefits, including:

  • Instant availability for every member staff who handles information
  • Awareness and guidance built around each Policy
  • Using the power of a PC to make the experience richer and more productive

An off-line trial version of this SOS demo is available as a downloadable file

To help you to thoroughly assess the Security Online Support for deployment in your organisation, you may purchase a single-user copy of the full product from


 5.1 Mb    

The SOS system also includes the complete set of 314 separate Information Security Policies. The demonstration version contains about 25% of these policies.

You can evaluate and purchase the policies separately


 1.8 Mb     US$595

Another key component in the RUSecure™ Information Security Suite is the Information Sercurity Officer's Manual: a must-have desktop accessory in every security officer's tool kit.


 1.3 Mb     US$295

To discuss how the SOS Information Security Policies can be deployed in your company at competitive prices, please contact us by email at:-
infosec [at] yourwindow . to


*** The Information Security Glossary ***
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