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Planned but non-existent product similar to vapourware, but with the added implication that marketing is actively selling and promoting it - ie they've printed brochures. Brochureware is often deployed as a strategic weapon alongside the pre-emptive announcement; the idea is to con customers into not committing to an existing product of the competition. It is a safe bet that when a brochureware product finally becomes real, it will be more expensive than and inferior to the alternatives that had been available for years. Typically market leader Organisation A will hear/see that competitor Organisation B has a superb new product likely to take market share from A. Organisation A therefore announces its own version and prints the brochures (while covertly reverse engineering/decompiling etc., B's product) so that existing customers will keep their brand loyalty and hold off buying from B. If successful enough, the brochureware can drive B out of the market, and B, together with its product range can be taken over by A. This part of the process is known as 'Borging'.

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