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DES - The Data Encryption Standard and the AES - Advanced Encryption Standard are both data encryption standards for the scrambling of data to protect its confidentiality.

It was developed by IBM in co-operation with the American National Security Agency and published in 1974. It has become extremely popular and, because it used to be so difficult to break, with 72,000,000,000,000,000 possible key variations, was banned from export from the USA. However, restrictions by the US Government, on the export of encryption technology was lifted in 2000 to the countries of the EU and a number of other countries.

The AES - Advanced Encryption Standard, is a state of the art algorithm (developed by Rijndael) and chosen by the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology on October 2, 2000. Although selected, it will not become officially "approved" by the US Secretary of Commerce until Q2 2001. Meanwhile, products are already available which use the Rijndael algorithm within AES encryption tools. For example http://www.privatecrypt.com/int/.

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