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Disaster Recovery Plan - DRP


The master plan needed by technical and non-technical staff to cope with a major problem - such as the Boeing Syndrome. Do not confuse and merge the DRP with the Business Continuity Plan. The DRP is the plan which is activated when there is an emergency. It is the plan which ensures that health and safety come first followed by damage limitation. Having contained the impact of the disaster, and having ensured that the situation is now under control e.g. through the Emergency Services, then the Business Continuity Plan will be activated.

One of the most difficult aspects of a DRP is agreeing when it should be activated. In some circumstances it will be clear. For example, a tornado destroys part of the office block; or a serious fire reduces the premises to ashes. However, on many occasions, disasters have multiple warnings or indicators, and it is these which need to be considered and identified as the triggers to invoke your DRP.

N.B. The skills required to prepare and manage a DRP are not necessarily the same as those required for a Business Continuity Plan.

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