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Anorak's PC fully loaded with every possible option and accessory, many of which will now be obsolete but 'cannot be thrown away'. Typically such a machine will run dual processors, and, amongst other things, have: several hard disks, ZIP, JAZZ, DAT, CD, CDR, CDRW, DVD, LS120, and 'Super-Floppy' drives, bespoke Tower case, Touchscreen, 23' Monitor, IR/Wireless keyboard and mouse, voice control, surround sound system with super bass woofer, 32Mb Video card with PAL output to Videowall projector, graphics editing suite, mixer desk and graphic equaliser, flight yoke and weapons system, steering wheel and pedals, flatbed and hand-held scanners, at least two printers, videoconferencing, digitising pad, light pen, headset, Wireless networking, Digicam, Webcam, UPS, Backup generator, and more ports and connector slots than you could shake a stick at.

*** The Information Security Glossary ***
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