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As a verb; - to run a destructive program which will render most or all of a computer systems files, records, and data, utterly useless.

As a noun; - a description of what is left of a computer system after the slag code has been run.

Normally associated with IT staff, and Logic Bombs, Slag Code has, allegedly, been used by a Hacker to destroy a computer system. Slag Code has also been used to blackmail organisations such banks into handing over significant sums in return for information as to the location of the code and deactivation procedures.

More recently, the term has acquired alternative meanings:-

  1. To bring a network to its knees by overloading it with data traffic
  2. To describe all the irrelevant and uninteresting material which has to be waded through on the Net while trying to reach the once piece of valuable information sought. This is also known as Bitslag.

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