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Uninterruptible Power Supplies - UPS


A UPS is a vital piece of hardware that should not be overlooked. Without it, a power 'outage' or even a surge, can shut down your systems within seconds. If this happens on a Windows® PC, the consequences are unlikely to be more than annoying and perhaps the loss of the work you were currently working on. However, if your server, running Windows® NT, 2000 or UNIX, suddenly has the power cut, the consequences can be more serious, as (potentially) hundreds of files can be left in an "open" state which, in the worst scenario, could prevent the system from rebooting properly - or even at all.

Therefore, the purchase and installation of a suitable sized UPS is vital. Because it contains its own battery(ies) it can not only prevent damage from sudden power surges, but it can continue to run your systems for between 15 minutes and 1 hour (or more), thus allowing an orderly, but speedy, close down.

However, a UPS is not supposed to allow the system to be operated for any length of time and, to provide a greater degree of protection against power cuts, a Backup Power Generator should be considered.

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