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User IDs / User Name


User IDs are the backbone of most system's access security. The ID can be any combination of characters and is normally issued with a password. The (user) ID will usually remain fixed and is often the user's name or perhaps job title. Linked to the ID will be a password which should be changed in accordance with your Information Security Policy.

The choice of User ID or User Name, is often selected by the Systems Administrator and will often be the user's name or initials; this is helpful for easy recognition of those logged into the system etc. However, having a User Name of 'StephenJI' is also reducing the effectiveness of one of the main security safeguards for all system's access; the User ID and password. If the User ID is already known, this allows a hacker to concentrate upon the password, in the certain knowledge that the User ID is correct!

However, be aware that many systems (especially PCs) will 'remember' the last User ID and will display it 'helpfully' (?!) upon login. You should consult your Systems Administrator, or other technical support person, to consider how to increase the effectiveness of the User ID and Password combination for the system in question.

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