Specifying Detailed Functional Requirements for New Hardware

It is necessary to specify, in detail, the specific functional performance and capacity requirements as part of the hardware purchasing process. The document specifying these detailed requirements is usually called a Request for Proposal or 'RFP'. See Request for Proposal for a more detailed description of how to create such a document.

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  • Where hardware is purchased without adequate analysis your organisation may :-
  1. Purchase inappropriate hardware for the required task.
  2. Purchase a system that does not comply with your Technical Architecture or IT Strategy.
  3. Fail to achieve the best value when (e.g.) price, performance, reliability, capacity and support issues are considered.

  • Ensure that you identify your business and technology requirements adequately and clearly by drawing up an RFP.
  • Investigate a range of possible suppliers and ask three or four to quote.

  • Supplying confidential information to a vendor can lead to commercial damage thorough unauthorised disclosure.

  • Only disclose the minimum information to suppliers, using high level, general terms.
  • Where full disclosure is necessary, insist on a Non Disclosure Agreement.

  • A number of comparable bids are necessary to make an informed comparison and purchase appropriately; without these you risk a sub-optimum quote.

  • Ensure that the RFP is clear and concise, with key requirements tabled and prioritised. In particular, the supplier should be clear about your expectations of price, time frame etc.

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