Supplying Continuous Power to Critical Equipment

An Uninterruptible Power Supply is a critical hardware component which enables continuity of function in the event of a power failure.

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  • If the mains power fails for any reason, your system will crash and data files may be corrupted.

  • Install an adequate UPS unit which will allow an orderly close down until the return of mains or alternative power, e.g. from a generator.

  • A malfunctioning UPS may cause your systems to crash in an uncontrolled manner following a mains electrical failure. Such crashes can often corrupt data files.

  • Ensure that the UPS is sufficiently powerful for the intended purpose. N.B. new computers added over time gradually increase the load on the unit.
  • Periodically test the UPS to ensure that it functions as expected.
  • Ensure that maintenance is carried out promptly and as specified by the supplier.

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