Managing and Maintaining Backup Power Generators

The issues that arise when standby generators are used as a safeguard against mains electricity failure. Such generators are usually employed with Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

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  • If the mains power supply fails, and the generator malfunctions, your system will crash, not only probably losing current data, but also the data file(s) open at the time. Such an event can turn a potentially small incident into a disaster.

  • Ensure that the backup generator is sufficiently powerful for the intended power load.
  • Periodically test the generator (perhaps once every six months) to ensure operational reliability.
  • Arrange for maintenance to be carried out promptly and as specified by the supplier. Ensure emergency fuel reserves.

  • Without a generator, any UPS will drain its battery charge within a relatively short period, thus preventing systems' usage during a prolonged power failure.

  • Where there is a high risk of a power failure lasting longer than acceptable, install a suitable generator and use in conjunction with a UPS.

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