Controlling IT Consumables

Examples of consumables are printer forms, stationery, printer paper, toner and ribbons.

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  • Pilfering of your consumables results in increased organisational expense.

  • Safeguard consumables against petty theft by locking cupboards, maintaining a register, verbal authorisation prior to removal of items etc.

  • Consumables may be stolen with the intent to defraud your organisation or customers.

  • Take special measures to protect potentially valuable pre-printed forms and account for their usage.

  • Confidential data may be revealed to unauthorised persons from discarded consumables.

  • Ensure that confidential information cannot be identified from discarded consumables, such as printer ribbons and floppy disks, by destroying them.
  • Destroy or shred surplus printout / fiche containing data, whether or not the data appears to be confidential - it may be! See also Classifying Information and Data.

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